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Immediate access to friendly healthcare and mental health professionals who understand your needs and the entertainment industry’s demands.

SetMD Care

SetMD Care is a medical practice designed exclusively for film and TV production. You told us what you need – we listened.

In addition to traditional medical care options, we have launched a convenient, cost-effective and efficient virtual care platform to quickly address the unique medical, mental health, and wellness needs of those working in the motion picture industry.

Virtual Care Concierge

Most of your concerns can now be quickly managed by a healthcare professional right from your smartphone or computer.  Get prescription medications, specialist referrals, doctor’s letters, etc. without ever leaving the office, trailer or set.

Voice or Video Visit:  $60

There is no charge for follow up SMS text/web chat

How does it work?

Secure Messaging
(SMS text or Web Chat)

Through encrypted text/chat messaging you can privately access a healthcare professional to help you with your non-urgent medical needs.

Voice Visits

Sometimes all you need is a quick phone call to get the care you need.

Video Visits

A real-time face-to-face video visit with a health professional from your smart phone or computer.

Note: Your data is encrypted, securely stored, and never sold. You may occasionally receive text messages from Klara asking about your opinion of their product. For more information on Klara’s Privacy Policy. Click Here

How Do I Start?

CLICK HERE to start – or use the chat box for questions.  Web accessible from your computer or download the web app to your smartphone home screen. Schedule a HIPAA-compliant Voice or Video Visit with a board-certified healthcare professional today. 

Producers and Managers – protect your cast, crew and executives with customizable on-demand access to medical professionals. Discounted retainer rates apply for groups over 20.

For a demo of the Virtual Care Concierge app, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about how to protect your production with the Virtual Care Concierge CLICK HERE.


Other Medical Services

Call 888-441-2345 to arrange these other services: